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Tint Company With Competitive Price

Le 3 août 2018, 03:03 dans Humeurs 0

Everyone who works there are very humble and works in a team like it should be. Overall I am very satisfied with the results and worth the wait. Great job guys! I was there  today they did A really good job I was surprised how fast they work I'm Berry happy with my car the way it look with the windows Tinted The only downside they did not clean the windows went they finish These guys are great. Did my Window Tinting Turbo Squeegees 3m color stable and front windshield. They are very professional with their work and quick, no more than an hour (4 people work on the car at the same time). Prices are competitive as well. Would recommend to anyone. Great place to get quality tint installed. One of the only places open on Sundays. Showed up at 10AM with a Kia Soul and was taken care of immediately. Nice clean job, no bubbles or dust bumps. Highly recommend. I had my windows tinted from the company and I'm very satisfied with the result! The color of my tints fit perfect to the one I'm having already on the back of my car.  And the price was very fair as well! Do not buy any tint options if u have expensive or just good car,  this Window Tinting Sprayer are not responsible , they damaged my leather panel (that cost 780$) with deep scratches, then said : "it's not us"... DO NOT BUY ...Came here one day after work to tint my 2 front windows and they treated me professionally and courteous. 

Reducing Tint Process With Car Wrap Tools

Le 7 juillet 2018, 10:05 dans Humeurs 0

Great service, would definitely come back. Was helped by Ariel. He and his team were very nice and professional. On my compact sedan, my mid level carbon tint was $165 and it has a lifetime guarantee. I got a few quotes from 3 places in the area and this price was competitive, plus I liked all the other positive reviews.

Ariel was extremely helpful and patient while showing me the different tint tools types and even showed me real examples on a car he was working on vs his own car in the parking lot. The whole process took a little more than an hour (about 45-50 min for the job and a few extra minutes to decide on tint and pay at the end). There's a small waiting room with AC... Nothing fancy but it gets the job done. The whole team was professional and I definitely recommend this car wrap tools, too.

Black Quick Foot Medium Size Squeegee High Tempreture Resistance

Le 1 novembre 2016, 11:02 dans Humeurs 0

 The Black Quick Foot will help you reach the hard to reach places that drive you crazy. Use the edge of the handle like a Chizler to clean those problem decals off with ease. The Black Quick Foot is sure to make your installs easier.
Also it can resist high temperature up to 350℃.
Black Quick Foot Medium Size Squeegee High Tempreture Resistance,,click here to get more details:

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